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Virtual Insurance Tableau User Group

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Virtual Insurance Tableau User Group

Session Leaders: Erin Gehn & Steven Carter

Session Abstract: In this inaugural insurance user group webinar, Erin and Steven will introduce themselves to the community and provide a vision for upcoming sessions, potential events, and the Virtual User Group home page. Each will provide background on their respective companies and speak to meeting industry-specific, strategic objectives with the use of Tableau Software. Highlighted uses include XML editing to speed up maintenance tasks and building development triangles in Tableau. Following this brief overview, Erin and Steven will introduce the user group’s first guest speaker.

Session Title: Insurance Marketing Makeover - Data Driving Sales

Speaker: Mike McLaughlin - Management Information Lead

Presentation Abstract: At Axis, we’ve taken Tableau to the marketplace. Building on the internal management tool, Tableau is now used externally by the marketing / distribution team to have engaging, data driven conversations with top insurance brokers.

In this session, participants will learn about:

  • Changing the hearts and minds of marketing professionals to use Tableau as a foundational analytics tool;
  • How to introduce and implement comparative analytics;
  • Developing dashboards that produce data used to understand trends and drive sales;
  • Bringing data to life using Tableau storyboards. Turning dashboards into stories, leveraging dashboards in marketing brochures;
  • Evolving departmental dashboards to the enterprise level.