Verizon + Tableau + Teradata: A Winning Partnership

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A few years back, Verizon was challenged to make good use of its extremely large datasets. Generating reports in Excel was time-consuming and sharing was difficult. As a result, analyzing data became secondary. Then Verizon deployed self-service reporting tools and pointed them directly at Teradata.

As analytics strategies evolved from pilot phase to deployment in the enterprise, businesses are switching focus from championing tactical projects to spearheading wide-scale implementation efforts, increasing emphasis on the need for scale. This Teradata/Tableau Webinar will outline how Verizon can leverage the transformative power of analytics at scale, documenting the blueprint required to expand and enhance data value in the enterprise.


About the speakers

Liza Duffy headshot

Liza Duffy

Customer Success Manager, Teradata

Liza Duffy is a Teradata Customer Success Manager based in New Hampshire. Liza has over 20 years of analytic experience, including research, business intelligence and machine learning. Liza received her BA in Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross and an MBA in International Business from Southern New Hampshire University.

Her early career included adolescent sleep research at Brown University and various analytic roles at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Autodesk and Harvard University. In 2012, she joined Teradata as an analytical consultant in Stockholm, Sweden. While abroad, Liza led both pre-sale and post-sale efforts with clients like Volvo, Kone, Siemens and Nokia.

Back in the US, Liza led Teradata’s Data Science Delivery team while working with clients across industries. She is currently a Customer Success Manager, ensuring Teradata’s customers benefit from their investments through training, demos and workshops.

Pat Alvarado headshot

Pat Alvarado

Senior Solutions Engineer, Teradata

Pat Alvarado is a Senior Solutions Engineer and has been with Teradata for 32 years. His background is in hardware electrical engineering and software engineering. He has developed analytic and data science applications as well as device sensor and IoT data generating projects. He is currently a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and an instructor and Data Science Advisory Board Member with UCLA Extension.