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Using Data to Shape University Curriculum

As a discipline, data visualization is a broad field of study and research. Beyond its application in computer science and analytics, Data Visualization is regarded as a critical skill for today’s data-centric jobs. Not only are companies demanding applicants have this skill, they're also looking for candidates with experience using Tableau, which was listed as the third fastest growing skill in demand by employers.

In this webinar, Rutgers researcher and professor Lindy Ryan shares the results of two years of nationwide labor market research on the role of data visualization skills and tools as we attempt to understand what “Data Visualization as a skill” means within industry, and what topics should be covered in professional analytics programs to prepare students in a fluid and fast-paced analytics labor market. This research has helped shape Rutgers' curriculum in business analytics, data visualization, and data storytelling classes for professional analytics students (Professional Science Master's Students).

This webinar will share data on:

  • The current landscape for data visualization jobs
  • Tableau's position as a leading data visualization tool for job applicants
  • How Rutgers has positioned Tableau in course curriculum

About the speakers

Lindy Ryan

Data Analysis and Visual Analytics Researcher and Professor
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