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Using Big Data to Build Smarter Retail Planograms

The planogram is one of the oldest and most reliable tools in the retailer′s toolkit. But are you using it to its maximum capacity? In this webinar, we will explore the exciting possibilities that come from a merger of the world of ″big data″ and traditional merchandising techniques and practices. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • How to use store data to make better decisions about product placement and orientation
  • Making informed decisions about the location, timing and focus of promotions
  • The importance of tracking planogram effectiveness over time and making intelligent updates
  • How to use data to transform layout decision-making from art to science

About the speakers


Dustin Smith

Product Manager, Tableau

Dustin is a product manager at Tableau Software and focuses on the evolving data technology landscape. He initially joined Tableau’s pre-sales team in 2010 where he was involved in hundreds of BI and analytics deployments. Dustin has retained his passion for helping people with data and analytics and while at Tableau has played strategic roles in building the support community, launching new technology partnerships, and more recently working with customers who are making the leap to cloud technologies. When he isn’t busy drinking too much coffee, you can often find him knee-deep in Tableau Beta releases or Tweeting out useful Tableau resources.


Adam Toporek

Owner at CTS Service Solutions

Adam is a Customer Experience Strategist and owner of CTS Service Solutions, a customer experience consultancy that helps organizations deliver Hero-Class Customer ServiceTM.


James Bickers

Senior Editor At RetailCustomerExperience.com Networld Media Group

James Bickers is the senior editor of Retail Customer Experience. He has written about technology and related issues for 20 years, for a wide range of national and international publications.

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