Transform Tableau with Machine Learning - by InterWorks

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The Amazon SageMaker for Tableau integration provides a unique opportunity to communicate and share machine learning with business users and executives. By utilizing this new integration, data analysts are empowered with predictive analytics to unlock opportunities all within Tableau Desktop.

Amazon SageMaker for Tableau has been open-sourced as an AWS Quick Start and is completely free to everyone. The architecture allows users to sign up, launch and begin deriving insights from their ML models in under one hour without any need for server configuration.

This two-hour workshop will cover:

  • 30 mins: How to deploy Amazon SageMaker for Tableau
  • 30 mins: Deployment and development of SageMaker ML Model
  • 10 mins: Break
  • 30 mins: Building ML-enabled dashboards in Tableau powered by SageMaker
  • 20 mins: Q&A