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Tips and Ideas to Help Professors Integrate Tableau and Analytics into Their Curricula

Adding Tableau to the classroom will enhance any curriculum. Spend less time teaching software and more time helping students think critically, asking and answering questions, and exploring data.

With Tableau, your classroom will quickly identify trends and discover insights to answer questions and inspire new ones.

Attending this webinar will give you ideas from 3 professors who’ve done exactly that with Tableau:

  • How analytics and Tableau are being used in these institutions.
  • The impact on students' learning patterns and job placements.
  • How Tableau is helping professors and lecturers teach analytics.
  • Recommendations on how to make the best use of Tableau for Teaching.

Tableau is free for students and professors
Students from any recognised institutions worldwide can get free access to Tableau through our Tableau for Students program.

For you instructors, check out the Tableau for Teaching program to get a free copy of Tableau to use in your classroom. You can also join the Tableau for Teaching User Community to access teaching resources and collaborate with other instructors.

Meanwhile we offer travel grants for people presenting with Tableau at conferences worldwide. Email us at tft@tableau.com for more information.

About the speakers

Mads Carsten Brink Hansen

External Lecturer in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Aarhus University - Denmark

Michael Brightman

Lecturer in Economics - University of Central Lancashire - United Kingdom

Ralf Ulrich

Director of the Institute for Population and Health Research at the School of Public Health - University of Bielefeld - Germany
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