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Think Data Thursday: State of the Unions

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Ever get that new monthly data dump file and then struggle with how to include it with historical data?

Do you have an Excel document where every sheet is a subset of the entire data set?

Maybe you have a directory full of text files that are all the same structure and hate having to manually put them all together before visualizing in Tableau.

If you’ve ever struggled with any of these situations, then Tableau 9.3 Unions are the feature you’ve been waiting for!

Join Tableau Zen Master and Social Ambassador, Joshua Milligan, as he explores unions, reveals some tips and tricks, and demonstrates practical examples of using unions to solve real-world problems. In this TDT, you’ll learn:

  • When to use unions and when you can’t
  • How to solve common issues that arise with unions
  • Ways to test your data to make sure the union worked as expected
  • Additional options when unions aren’t possible