Live Webinar

Think Data Thursday: Daily AdVIZture with Simon Runc

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Join Tableau Ambassador, Simon Runc, as he shares building My Daily AdVIZture, a Tableau visualization showing his daily commute and each type of transport he utilizes.

A few months ago, Simon decided to create a viz in Tableau that showed an interactive, representation of a 3 week holiday around South India ("My Indian AdVIZture"). While doing this, he learned some new techniques while noting that many of the challenges (and solutions) he encountered were applicable to many different Tableau visualizations.

Come join Simon as he reviews and shares his skills as a jack of all trades in the following topics:

  • Useful resources for getting map/node data and GPS metadata from photos
  • Shape/Grain of data...make the data right for the Viz
  • Blending (when and why to use it)
  • NULLs are your friends
  • Tricks with Shapes
  • Maps and Background images
  • Action Filters and Highlight Actions
  • URL Actions, web-stored images and the web-viewer