Live Webinar

Think Data Thursday: Behind the Scenes with Tableau's Social Media Data

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Social media data is hot stuff—and for good reason. With dozens of platforms and data sources to explore, you can get insights into a lot more than just your likes, follows, and retweets. When used well, social media data can help you uncover rich insights into real-time conversations and connect better with your community of followers.

But how does Tableau actually work with its own social media data? In this session, Michelle Wallace, who leads Tableau’s global social media programs, will share how Tableau uses data to drive decisions about its own social media program. Learn how we collect and manage our data, take a look at our team’s dashboards, and see some of our favorite Tableau tricks in action. Whether you already work with social media data or are just interested in getting started, this session is for you!

About Michelle:

Michelle Wallace leads Tableau Software’s global social media programs. As a writer and an analyst, she is passionate about using data to drive better content decisions and foster an engaged social media community. She holds a BA in English from Western Washington University with a minor in astronomy. Prior to Tableau, Michelle was a magazine writer who covered local interests and histories around the United States.