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Talk Data to Me Webinar Series: Quick Dirty Sets (APAC)

This webinar will start at the beginning and then offer a fast ramp-up on the various methods for creating sets, a deeper dive into calculated sets, a look into combining sets, and tips and tricks for using sets. You’ll learn how to quickly visualize set membership and relationships, simplify and extend elementary cohort analysis, reduce expressions in your workbooks, and run complex comparisons amongst set members.

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About the speaker


Yu Hua, Lim

Associate Sales Consultant (GSI), Tableau

Yu Hua helps people see and understand their data as a Associate Sales Consultant for GSI. Yu Hua started in the software industry as a software engineer before moving into professional services and consulting.
Yu Hua now focuses on growing the partnership between Tableau and Global System Integrators and help consultants and analysts be successful with Tableau.

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