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Tableau on Tableau: Sales Analytics

How we do data

We help people see and understand data. Our own sales team is no exception. We rely on data and analytics to empower every salesperson to ask questions, solve problems, and ultimately close more deals.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar to discover how we put actionable sales data in the hands of our analysts, sellers, and sales leaders. We’ll showcase dashboards on quota attainment, territory creation, forecasting, account strategy, call-down lists, and more. We’ll discuss:

  • The value data brings to the entire sales organization
  • How to solve common sales challenges with analytics
  • Our most popular—and effective—dashboards for sales

You can download the Slide Deck here.

About the speaker


Zane Murfitt

Enterprise Sales Manager

Zane joined Tableau back in 2013 as an Account Manager before moving into a number of different sales management roles within our commercial teams. In 2019, Zane moved to our inside enterprise healthcare sales team focused on trying to help our customers see and understand data to enhance patient care. Zane's mission and purpose at Tableau is to empower people to solve business problems, grow their careers and generate positive change in their organizations by harnessing the power of their creativity and of data.

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