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How We Do Analytics: Marketing

Marketers are no strangers to data, especially as the number of tools generating marketing data grows each year. Curious about how much revenue was attributed to paid search last quarter? We've got data for that. Want to prove which programs generate higher quality leads than others? Data.

Here at Tableau, we rely on analytics to understand the mass of data - a challenge all marketers must overcome to thrive in a data-driven world. In this live webinar with Tableau's Marketing Director, Susan Graeme, you'll see how we tackle the marketing data dilemma.

You’ll learn how Tableau's marketing team uses analytics to:

  • Align with Sales at the account level
  • Connect disparate data sources (Salesforce, Eloqua, Google Analytics)
  • Overcome our five marketing dilemmas
  • Measure and report on marketing KPI’s

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About the speakers

Susan Graeme

Director of EMEA Marketing, Tableau Software

Erik Polano

Product Consultant
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