Tableau Prep for State and Local Government

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The Tableau Prep Workshop is an hourlong exploration of foundational tools of Tableau Prep. Users should expect to learn how to connect to data, join and union, clean and transform, and output their workflows to Tableau Server. This is a hands on workshop designed to encourage users to become familiar with the interface and engage in the development process. The workshop is intended for users of beginner to intermediate skill with Tableau Prep.


About the speaker


Kevin McKinney

Technical Sales Consultant, Tableau

Kevin McKinney is a veteran Tableau Solutions Engineer with 5 years of experience helping Tableau customer see and understand their data. In that time, he has worked closely with state and local government customers in every aspect of civil service. Additionally, Kevin has worked with a variety of other organizations from Fortune 500 companies, to small start-ups and NGOs. Prior to Tableau, he was a Data Analyst, an Archaeologist, and a Propaganda developer for the US Army.

In short, there is no problem too big, small, or weird for Kevin to apply his unique brand of problem solving.