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Tableau Prep Data Preparation Walk Through for State and Local Government

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"How come I spend each week preparing this same report?", "We have so many data can I achieve a single source of truth?", "My data is a mess!"

Do these problems sound familiar? It's no secret that government analysts and users are spending 80% of their time cleaning data and 20% of their time performing analysis.

If you've got Tableau, you've got Tableau Prep. Join us for this live webinar where we walk you through getting started, transforming your data, and how to deploy and schedule your data flows...all with powerful ease of use in mind.


About the speaker

Benjamin Goodman headshot

Benjamin Goodman

Lead Solutions Engineer, Tableau

Benjamin Goodman has 20+ years of experience with data and analytics. He has been an analyst, developer, architect, admin, and even managed data and analytics teams. He's worked with innovators, (such as Bill Inmon), participated in hackathons (and won), and fostered data cultures for Government and fortune 500 companies.

Here at Tableau, Benjamin puts that experience to work for our customers, ensuring they get the most out of their Tableau experience.