Tableau Power Hour for Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)

We're sorry, this event has ended.

Join us on Thursday, November 25th at 10 AM ET, as we demonstrate how easy it can be to turn grant data into actionable insights through visualizations and dashboards.

What will you learn?

  • How to connect to data in Tableau
  • How to prepare data for analysis purpose
  • Where to start your analysis with fresh data-what, when, where, why & how
  • Creating dynamic & interactive visualizations
  • Sharing insights with other users through Tableau & Salesforce

Data-set description

The learning session uses real-world grant data from the Ontario Trillium Foundation dating back over 20 years. Grant data will offer insights on using Tableau for programmatic and evidence-based policy purposes. This data is composed of three spreadsheet files that are combined using Tableau during the session. Data is downloadable here.

Why should you attend?

Analytics is being used more than ever to support programmatic and policy-based decision-making. Tableau enables non-technical users to create interactive ways to explore their data using any source towards spending more time on analysis and less time on data wrangling while enabling self-service analytics.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who works with data or Excel at ISED
  • Anyone who is curious to get started with Tableau or analytics
  • Anyone who wants to get the best of both world’s- Excel & Tableau


Prerequisites: If you do not have Tableau Desktop already, feel free to create an account on Tableau Public to follow along.

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