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Tableau Non-Profit Virtual User Group

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Join us Tuesday, February 21, for the first Tableau Non-Profit Virtual User Group.

We are kicking off a new virtual Tableau User Group created specifically for nonprofit organizations. Our group will be focusing on the application of Tableau for those on a mission – from programs to fundraising, advocacy to impact evaluation, we’ll share stories about those using data to do good. To do that well, we often must be more creative, learning how to draw passionate people into the world of information in order to drive better decision making and stretch our limited financial resources. We hope that you will join us as we look to sharpen one another in this incredibly important and worthwhile space.


Simple Intelligence: Did you know that without thinking you “size-up” new people you met within 7 seconds? In 7 seconds, you will determine how much time you want to spend with them, how much you will actually listen to what they say, and ultimately if they are going to be a friend or a foe. Tableau gives us the ability to represent a lot of complex data in a form that, if done right, we can “size-up” within a few seconds. This is not a presentation on deep analytics that lead us to big strategic decisions. This is about making life easier for the hundreds decisions you make every single day.

Speaker: Brian DeKam, Global Marketing & Engagement Business Intelligence Sr. Manager for Compassion International

How CBC uses Tableau to influence public debate and enact policy changes

Speakers: Kevin Medina, Communications and Public Affairs Associate for Citizens Budget & Maria Doulis, Vice President for Citizens Budget Commission


Walt Ogilvie: Walt has over 20 years of experience designing, building, and supporting business intelligence applications.

Brian Dekam: For the past 20 years, Brian has served Marketing by adding context to data in order to reveal insightful stories.

Kevin Medina: Kevin is responsible for the design of CBC's data visualizations, graphics, and other publications.

Maria Doulis: Maria is responsible for coordinating the CBC's research agenda and communications.

For questions about this event please reach out to Walt Ogilvie, Finance Data & Analytics Team Lead for Compassion International.