Tableau Mapping Webinar for City, County, and State Government

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Mapping data is becoming more and more critical for government decision making. We need to know where things are happening as much as we need to know when or what. We also need to be able to extend the ability to ask these critical questions to more people within our state and local government agencies. Tableau has made making maps easier and more accessible than ever before.

Discover just how impressive Tableau geospatial capabilities are. Learn how Tableau is working to make creating maps even easier, and explore our extensive integration capabilities with a variety of different Spatial data systems like ESRI. This discussion has something for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users and especially anyone who is interested in answering “Where” questions with their data with this live demonstration.


About the speaker

Rick Evans headshot

Rick Evans

Lead Solutions Engineer - Tableau

Rick Evans has been with Tableau for over 5 years, coupled with over 30 years in IT experience ranging from development, to data warehousing, to Business Intelligence, allows him to provide Tableau customers a well rounded view of how they can see data differently with Tableau and therefore understand much more about their data. Up front, yet personable, Rick is an excellent member of the Tableau Team!