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Harnessing the Power and Realizing the Potential of AI and Data Analytics

Data Analytics and AI are driving the modernization of the financial industry from back-office operations to front-customer facing operations. The applications for data and analytics in banking are endless. For examples, they are being used in enhancing the understanding of customers, fraud detection, financial risk management, enhancing cybersecurity etc. with the aims to improve operational efficiency, to support risk and regulatory compliance priorities, to drive growth, and to provide superior customer experience.

With more data being collected and occur more frequently, the volume of data is growing rapidly, and the data variety is becoming more complex. Financial institutions are also collecting more behavioral data as customers are adopting digital channels more extensively. Firms are required to scale up their use of analytics so that they can exploit data in creative ways, tapping into new sources of data and applying the data-driven business decisions.

With this massive growth of data assets and the strong demand in shortening the time it takes to get actionable insights, a powerful, secure, and flexible analytics and visualization platform is required.

Tableau and The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers jointly host a webinar to highlight ways AI and visual analytics could be leveraged by financial institutions to navigate uncertainty and tackle complex challenges during this unprecedented time. We will share practical tips and how advanced analytical and visualization tools can assist you to effectively harness the power of data analytics. The speakers will share their views on what they believe the future holds for AI and data analytics and you will also gain insights in creating a data-driven culture and data literacy.

About the speakers


Kenny Au

Chief Data Officer, Hang Seng Bank

The Chief Data Officer is responsible for data management, governance, as well as driving the data strategy for the bank. Kenny is responsible for the transformation journey for Hang Seng to become a data driven bank. Driving insights out of data is not just reliant on IT, but also good business know-how in order to harvest meaningful intelligence. In this sharing session, Kenny will share with you the successful factors to develop a data driven organization.


Bobby Wu

Senior Manager, Solution Engineering, Tableau at Salesforce

Bobby joined Tableau since 2015, with more than 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis. He worked in Canada and Hong Kong for different global software provider and in recent years, he has been actively working with different organizations in promoting data driven culture.

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