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“Top Grade” Tableau for K-12 Decision-Making

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Harness the power of Tableau to better see and understand your K-12 education data. In this webinar, we’ll take you on a journey using real-life dashboard examples to showcase student achievement throughout the school year and at various levels of your organization. We’ll show you how easily Tableau empowers users to encounter new discoveries within their data, providing institutions like yours a strategic view into student performance and other key metrics. Self-service analytics will influence the future of your school programs and how effectively they will meet your students’ needs. Move your institution forward with inspiring, easy-to-use Tableau dashboards!

What You'll learn in this K-12 Webinar

• How to answer K-12 data questions rapidly with the power of Tableau.
• Experience actionable insights on the fly —from district level to student achievement.
• Establish speed-to-insight analytics with your K-12 data in less time than traditional BI and spreadsheets.

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About the speakers

Franca Higginbotham

Sales & Marketing

Len Vitello