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Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us on Friday, June 9 for the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group.


  • Welcome & Introductions by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador
  • Manage your Server Data with Server Data
  • At Tableau, data is the air we breathe. It's central to our professional (and often our personal) lives. As the Admin for Tableau's own internal Server instances, I oversee the management of a LOT of it in the form of in datasources and workbooks. Too much, in fact. With a policy of allowing every employee direct access to publish to Tableau Server, we deal with everything from mission-critical content breaking, to the accumulation of the world's largest collection of Superstore Sales analyses. When you've got six thousand workbooks to deal with, it's more than anyone can manage manually.

    As a result, we've turned to building structures and tools that enable us to enlist the help of our users in solving their own problems. Join us and learn how we use Tableau Server data to manage Projects, identify problematic content, clean up after our publishers, and help our users fix issues themselves while putting a smile on their faces.

  • Live Q&A

Meet the Speaker:

Matt Coles has always enjoyed working at the intersection of people and technology. As the administrator of Tableau's own internal Tableau Server environment (affectionately named ALPO after our cultural value of dogfooding our own products), he likes his servers up, his load times short, and his chicken spicy. After eight years slinging T-SQL to support back-end systems in the legal tech industry, he's learned that the right solution should not preclude the now solution, and he's excited to get creative with you.

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