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Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us for the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group on Friday, March 24.


Welcome & Introduction

Tableau Row Level Security Presentation & Demo by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador

Data security has been one of the top concerns for Tableau enterprise adoption. Tableau handles data security through permissions and row level security. Permissions control what workbooks/views users can see. Row level security controls what data sets this user can see.

A lot people say that Tableau can’t handle row level security. They are wrong. You may have heard that Tableau does not handle row level security with extracts. They are wrong again. This webinar will show you how to implement row level security with and without data extracts.

Live Q&A

Meet the speaker:

Mark Wu: As a Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) guru, Mark Wu has demonstrated ability to design & deliver cutting edge BI & DW solutions to enable new business models, significant business insights, and superior user experiences. He has a proven track record of success for developing business process transformations partnering with X-functional businesses using BI, DW and Information Technology as enablers.

For questions about this event, please reach out to Mark Wu.