Live Webinar

Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us on Friday, July 20 for the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group.


  • Welcome & Introduction by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador
  • Tableau server 2018.1 new feature demo by Michael Perillo, GoDaddy Server admin, Phoenix Tableau User Group lead.
  • Tableau 2018.1 and beyond. There is no time better than now to be excited about the advancements Tableau has made. As a Tableau Server Administrator, you can appreciate the current state the platform the groundwork Tableau is paving for the future. We will explore some of the highlights of Tableau 10.5, 2018.1 and beyond. If you are on a version earlier than 10.5, we'll highlight some reasons why you might want to just move to 2018.1; or start planning for a move to 2018.2

  • Live Q&A

Meet the speakers:

Michael Perillo has been helping promote and implement data technology solutions for two decades. He has worked for companies across a variety of industries helping implement and expand self-service analytics. He has been working with Tableau since 2011 and helping people experience the joy of unleashing the power of data analytics since. Michael is a Tableau User Group Ambassador, a Tableau Server Certified Professional and Desktop Qualified Associate.

Mark Wu drove Tableau governance and Center of Excellence aimed at making enterprise data available to a wide variety of users on a self-service basis and balanced with security, scalability and IT support. More than 20,000 users were added to Tableau server within one year. Mark is the keynote speaker at Tableau West Coast Customer Advocacy Summit 2016 & 2017. Check out his blog here:

For questions about this event, please reach out to Mark Wu.