Live Webinar

Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us on Friday, May 11 for the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group.


  • Welcome & Introduction by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador
  • Everything We Do, We Do It For You: How Tableau Upgrades Tableau Server by Matt Coles
  • We all need to upgrade our Tableau Servers, sometimes. For us at Tableau, it’s two hundred times a year, using beta builds. This session is all about how we admins, as the last line of defense of product quality, make sure we don’t let bugs get out to you, our customers, and how we hold onto our sanity in the process. Learn what we do to test new Server builds before we roll them into production, what data we analyze to find defects, and what scripts we use to make things as painless as possible for everyone.

  • Live Q&A

Meet the speakers:

Matt Coles has been the Tableau Server administrator at Tableau for the last six years. He enjoys helping the larger Tableau community find ways to run their Server deployments more efficiently. Some of his recent but less-relevant activities involve restoring a vintage bicycle, writing postcards to strangers, and riding a dirtbike for the first time (he fell, but he promises not to show you his injuries).

Mark Wu drove Tableau governance and Center of Excellence aimed at making enterprise data available to a wide variety of users on a self-service basis and balanced with security, scalability and IT support. More than 20,000 users were added to Tableau server within one year. Mark is the keynote speaker at Tableau West Coast Customer Advocacy Summit 2016 & 2017. Check out his blog here:

For questions about this event, please reach out to Mark Wu.