Live Webinar

Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us Friday, February 24, for the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group!

During this meeting you'll learn how to get the full set of Tableau metadata available for deep Insights into your workbook and datasource inventory. We will show our journey of how we fully automated the capture of all internal workbook and datasource metadata and the kinds of Insights that can be gained.


  • Welcome & Introduction by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador
  • Metadata Automation by Jeff Strauss, Tableau Ambassador
  • Open Discussion, Q&A

Speaker Bio:
Jeff is a 20+ year technology veteran who has adopted Tableau as part of his daily ritual. He teams up with business analysts to build business friendly dashboards and is always researching new methods to enable automated insights and efficiencies. Jeff has extensive hands-on and strategy experience with data warehousing and BI platform architectures and loves to peel back the onion layers. He is always learning from the community forums and dives in to help others in the spirit of the community. When he is not working with Tableau, he loves to be either hiking in the mountains or biking in the flat lands of Chicago.

For any questions about this event, please reach out to Mark Wu.