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Small Team, Real Data: Winning with What You’ve Got

Smaller organizations may not have or need big data, but they still face plenty of data challenges. Their data probably lives in many different locations and formats, including simple spreadsheets, PDF reports, and presentation decks. They may understand the need to leverage this data in order to provide insight for improving marketing efforts and business results, but can’t necessarily afford the investment that meaningful analytics often requires. Hiring dedicated analytics staff and investing in expensive BI and analytics technology (hardware and software) are beyond their reach.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How smaller organizations can use Tableau to integrate data, across sources and channels, without investing in/building a data warehouse first
  • How agencies can easily build and use interactive dashboards to provide transparency to their clients and be better business partners
  • How online dashboards segmented by audience can provide appropriate access to various members of the agency and client teams
  • How to include ‘reference’ materials in dashboards, so they are a ‘one-stop shop’ for information about marketing and advertising efforts

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About the speakers

Trina Arnett

Founder, Trinalytics
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