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Slater and Gordon: 12 minutes to Work Smarter with Data

This one is all about speed.
We will feature a real-world case study and do it all just 12 minutes.

In this webinar, Slater and Gordon shares how they use Tableau to navigate through large complex data sets to find meaningful insights, as well as to provide mission critical analysis with fast turn-around times, which is what is asked for and expected increasingly frequently by the business.

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Why focus on Speed? It's simple:

  • Companies tell us that data analysis takes too long, is too cumbersome and adds too little value.
  • The modern mind works fast, asks questions quickly and expects answers now.
  • You don't have days or weeks to wait for insights into your data
  • Because with Tableau, you can.

About Slater & Gordon
Slater & Gordon was founded in Australia in 1935. From humble beginnings servicing the needs of unions and working people, it has built a powerful reputation throughout history as a law firm that fights to achieve the best outcomes. With 1,200 people in 66 locations across Australia, Slater & Gordon’s mission is to provide everyday people easier access to world class legal services. http://www.slatergordon.com.au/the-firm/

About the speaker

William Henzell

Slater and Gordon, Senior Data Analyst

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