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Slalom: Can your BI platform return more value?

What makes your business intelligence selection impactful? This is a complex question that must factor in both technology and culture. Data alone doesn’t guarantee better decisions. In order to be successful, an analytics platform must be used. And to enable adoption, users look for an intuitive technology that saves them time and increases the level of trust throughout their organization.

Join John Mathis, Practice Director of Data & Analytics at Slalom Consulting, as he discusses industry trends that leading companies are following as they foster data-driven decision making across their organizations.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What technology benefits you should look for to save your organization time and money
  • How to create a Modern Culture of Data, merging people + data for differentiated outcomes
  • Which processes are needed to unleash analytics across the organization

This is part of the Generate value with analytics webinar series.

About the speakers

John Mathis

Practice Director of Data & Analytics, Slalom Consulting
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