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Seeing Is Believing: How to be Credible, Clear, and Convincing with Visual Analytics

With all of the great work and growing interest in the field of data science, it has become very important for practitioners to be able to effectively communicate and present their findings. If you can’t tell or present a compelling story, all too often the value of your work is lost. Extraordinary insight will always remain ordinary if a participating stakeholder (your audience) doesn’t understand the data, the exploration, the outcome, and the opportunity.

This webinar brings together industry leading panelists to educate and encourage data professionals to learn more about the art and science of data visualization and digital storytelling. Attendees will also hear about the pros and cons of dashboards, infographics, and interactive visualizations. Whether your skills are creative, analytical, or both –this event will be invaluable as you navigate the future trends and requirements in the big data era.

Panelists include:

Robert Kosara, Visual Analytics Researcher
Robert is Associate Professor of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte, currently on Sabbatical at Tableau Software. His main research interests are information visualization for visual communication and theoretical foundations of visualization.

Richard Snee, Executive Chairman, Data Science Summit
Most recently Richard was VP Marketing at Greenplum, a Division of EMC, where he led Big Data initiatives including the creation of the first Data Scientist Summit in Las Vegas, May 2011. He is currently a partner in the development of the Data Science Central community and planning the 2013 Data Science Summit.

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