Power up your product and service offering with embedded Tableau Data Insights

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Your data, where your customers need it.

Imagine how much more powerful your product would be with built-in dashboards and analytics powered by the visual analytics industry leader? With Tableau’s embedded analytics capabilities, you don’t have to imagine for long.

The Tableau embedded analytics platform allows you to focus on building your product, saving you time, resources, and money. Learn how you can empower your customers and drive product engagement with integrated, interactive, and visual analytics.

Join us for embedded analytics ‘show and tell’ to see how organizations are providing analytics that their customers or external stakeholders want, quickly and easily.


Who should attend?
Anyone interested to learn how they can leverage Tableau embedded analytics to create new revenue streams and deliver value to your customers.




About the speakers


Loke Peng Yuen

Embedded Analytics Manager, Tableau

Loke Peng-Yuen is responsible for the Tableau Embedded Analytics/OEM business in Asia Pacific. A seasoned executive with deep experience for embedded solution business, coupled with broad knowledge covering technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Internet-of-Things as well as enterprise business solutions across various industries has enabled him to share with customers with lots of pragmatism.


Mint Papatsara

Associate Solution Engineer

Mint is an Associate Solution Engineer at Tableau. She moved from her home country to be based in Singapore with a quest to help people to see the light beyond cross-tab. Fast forward to today, she had helped many and it is just the beginning! Aside from her interest in data and cool visualizations, her passion for food and coffee is through the roof.