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Say No to Monkey Business: Surveys in Tableau

Are you struggling to make sense of your survey data? Understanding the steps to prepare survey data for analysis is key to be able to then easily analyze that data.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Integration of Data from various Survey Platforms
  • How to prepare your Survey Data for analysis in Tableau
  • Best practices for visualizing Survey Data

Fool around no more. Learn how you can conduct advanced survey analysis in Tableau!

This webinar is part of the Talk Data to Me series.

About the speaker


Jacelyn Lim

Senior Product Consultant

Jacelyn is a Senior Product Consultant for Tableau covering the SEA region. Nothing excites her more than the data adventure of helping people get to the “Ah-ha”! moment with their data. When Jacelyn is not wrangling with the jungle of data, you’d find her practicing yoga or exploring new ramen spots.

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