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Retail Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Your Data

With tight margins, volatile markets, and changing customer demands, retailers and wholesalers can't rely on intuition alone to drive growth and adapt to change. They need data-guided analytics.

Join retail experts Jeff Huckaby and Simon Runc to learn how visual analytics enables you to see the big picture of your retail operations by looking across datasets. You'll learn how to build a real-time dashboard so you can optimise product mix and inventory by season, market, or segment in just a few clicks.

You will learn about:

  • How to leverage all of your data to create sustainable, profitable strategies.
  • The best tips for designing a retail dashboard
  • The latest innovations in retail analytics revealed at Tableau Conference 2017

About the speaker


Simon Runc

Retail Analytics Expert - Atheon Analytics

Simon is a Visual Data Analyst at Atheon Analytics, where he humanizes data for the retail sector. He has over 10 years’ experience across many analytical roles. He's all about data-driven decision making and Data Visualization is his weapon-of-choice, in this endeavor.

He started using Tableau in 2014, where it was love at first sight and was made a Tableau Forum Ambassador in 2015. He attributes most of his Tableau knowledge to his engagement in this wonderful resource.

He is also vegan, loves cycling round London and has 5 rescue cats!

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