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Reducing Cost to Serve and Increasing Data-Driven Decision Making

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Join Tableau on November 6th

In this webinar we will focus on how Knauf and Tredence leveraged advanced analytics techniques like stochastic optimization, multi-echelon modelling and BI to identify areas of improvement for inventory. The webinar will go on to discuss the process of insight generation, visualization and finally driving actions by relevant stake-holders.

We will focus on how analytics was used –

  • Pro-actively as a part of the Inventory planning exercise
  • Reactive tools to identify areas of improvement through a process of Inventory insights solution

Background on the Knauf and Tredence partnership
Knauf is a manufacturing organization with a complex network of5 plants, over 16 production lines (with multi-product capabilities), 9 Warehouse and 6000+ customer drop-points spread across North America. Service level adherence has always been one of the key KPIs for the organization (95%+). A complex network, the pressure to provide high service levels, and a business need around made-to-stock meant high Inventory levels for Knauf. Knauf identified this as a problem and partnered with Tredence to drive focused inventory reduction without impacting the service levels.

(1) Intro (Knauf and Tredence)
(2) Setting the stage for IBR and Inventory Plannig (NOP)
(3) The Case Study
      - Defining the problem/need
      - Defining the data, people, processes, etc…
      - Expectation from analytics partner
      - Approach to solving the problem
      - Analytics modeling (IBR and NOP Inventory Planning)
      - Overall data architecture
      - Presenting the outputs (vizzes and why Tableau)
      - Consumption of outputs
      - Impact of IBR and Inventory Optimization
(4) Wrap Up
(5) Q&A

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About the speakers

John Eichbauer

VP Operations, Knauf Insulation North America

Shashi Kiran

Principal, Tredence