Live Webinar

Non-Profit Organisations and the power of data analytics for better social outcomes

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During the current COVID-crisis, the support from non-profit organisations for our societies most vulnerable is more important than ever.

In this webinar it will be discussed how non-profit organisations such as Kirkens Bymisjon and the French Red Cross are using data analytics to promote increased donations and improve the results for beneficiaries.

You will learn how non-profit organisation can use data to

Increase donations by showing donors tangible outcomes, based on data

Better understand donation patterns to inform marketing and finance decision making

How to foster closer relationship and productivity between non-profit organisation partners such as corporate donors and volunteers


Carl Robert Hopland - KPMG

Elisabeth Olsen, KPMG

Christoffer Andersen - Kirkens Bymisjon

Andreas Andersson - Tableau (presenting Red Cross customer story)