On-Demand Webinar

Power Your Campaigns with Predictive Data Analytics

Did you know your data can be used to predict likely outcomes? Learn how to easily see and share visualized predictions.

Hear how G Scott Stukey, a senior analyst at AKQA, leverages the power of both Tableau and BigML to visualize predictive analytics and help gain insights for his clients. Learn how he uses data from advertising servers and web analytics to consumer surveys and mobile traffic to understand what could happen.

Watch this webinar to see the power in combining valuable historical data with forward-looking assessments and learn about:

  • New best practices for preparing data for predictive visualizations and analysis
  • Development of appropriate data strategies for predictive modeling purposes
  • Leveraging the power of predictive visualizations to impact media and marketing campaigns

About the speakers

G Scott Stukey

Senior Analyst at AKQA

Andrew Shikiar

VP of Marketing & Business development at BigML
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