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Ontario Public Service Tableau Webinar

The OPS is shifting to self-service & visual analytics and looking for a sustainable, yet long-term approach to governance that satisfies the needs of both the business and IT. This past February, Tableau hosted a very successful OPS Tableau Day where your peers showed off some of the innovative solutions they have built. A key take-away from the event was that people wanted to know more about the Tableau technology, specifically how to share content with Tableau Server.

During this 60-minute session, using Canadian-specific data, Tableau Product Consultants will cover:

  • Why Tableau?
  • What are the differences between Tableau Desktop and Server
  • How to quickly create an interactive Dashboard in Desktop
  • How to securely publish and share interactive dashboards to the right people at the right time for actionable insights with Tableau Server

Feel free to come with questions and share this invitation with your peers!

About the speakers


Jeff Nicholson

Principal Solution Engineer

Data lover, long-suffering Oilers fan and music junkie based in Toronto, Ontario. Jeff has over 15 years’ experience as an Analytics professional providing solution expertise to leading Canadian organizations and government agencies.


Stephanie Crow

Sales Area Manager

Business professional with 10+ years of varied experience in sales and marketing with global organizations in various countries, from France to Argentina.

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