Operational Excellence with Self-Service Analytics

Healthcare is in the throes of transformation today like never before. Changes in the political landscape are likely to usher in significant impacts to business models, processes and the need for quick data analysis.

Is your organization prepared for the transformation ahead? Do you have an organization with agile processes and systems in place to respond to these changes? Are knowledge workers across your organization empowered with the data and actionable insights to effectively ensure better patient outcomes?

In this one hour webinar, learn how industry leaders in healthcare are responding to these trends. Self-service data discovery and analytics is helping these leaders move away from the “report factory” paradigm and instead quickly turn data into knowledge. This is enabling them to empower their staff to deliver better patient outcomes at a lower cost and risk of non-compliance, embrace operational excellence and measurably improving efficiency, productivity and morale.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Empower your staff with data for better resource management and patient outcomes.
  • Measurably improve efficiency, productivity and morale with data.
  • Effectively track and manage compliance.
  • Visually monitor trends and outliers across various data sets.

Learn more about our Achieving Operational Excellence in Healthcare webinar series.

Featured speakers: 

Andy Dé

Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Tableau Software

Austin Montgomery

Director of Services, Prominence Advisors

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