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Healthcare Analytics: Expanding Visual Analytics across the NHS

Watch this webinar to see how NHS National Services Scotland (NHS NSS) successfully adopted Tableau and expanded data visualisation and intelligence beyond traditional users to Primary Care GPs and clusters of the Health and Social Care Partnerships.

Previously, National Health intelligence in Scotland simply provided an overview of the health service for analysts in central government and health boards. Since adopting Tableau they have found it easier, quicker, and cheaper to expand this intelligence to areas of the NHS that did not previously have access to data visualisation.

The shift of data visualisation to new areas of the NHS has created new challenges around the understanding and consumption of intelligence, and the need to persuade people to use data as part of their work. Ken Nicholson and Euan Patterson of NHS National Services Scotland will talk about how they have successfuly used Tableau to meet these new challenges.

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About the speakers

Ken Nicholson

Principal Information Analyst/Data Scientist, National Health Services Scotland

Euan Patterson,

Senior Technician, National Health Services Scotland
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