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Sales Onboarding and Enablement Best Practices

Studies show that only 42% of companies achieved their sales quota in 2012*. Effective sales leaders understand that a strong onboarding program for new sales reps can help them achieve their targets.

Watch this webinar to find out how to provide your sales managers and reps with the tools they need to succeed. Tableau's own sales trainers will share best practice in onboarding and enabling sales teams, and examples of how sales performance dashboards are being used to drive world class sales performance.

You'll see:

  • Real-life examples of how a data visualisation tool like Tableau can help you measure and implement sales onboarding success
  • How to survey your sales team and use their feedback to improve your training programs
  • Why data is the key to impactful sales training programs and how to utilise it
  • How to analyse sales effectiveness with Tableau

*According to CSO Insights' 2013 Sales Performance Optimization Study which surveyed over 1500 firms of various size and across multiple industries.

About the speakers

Nate Vogel

Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Partner Readiness

Tim Lens

Manager, Partner Readiness, Tableau Software

Grace Amos

Global Sales Trainer
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