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Monitoring and Scaling Tableau Server with Palette Software

The Climate Corporation’s sales and marketing team use Tableau Server as their primary system for internal report distribution. To ensure accurate Tableau data extracts are created, Palette Software is used in conjunction for server administration. The combination of both technologies is paramount as it’s the management team’s only analytics tool and system of record.

Prior to Palette’s installation, a significant amount of time was spent identifying and troubleshooting data extract failures. Climate Corporation’s Jason Frankenfield was in the process of building his own alerting system when he heard about Palette. Since installation, Palette’s detailed email alerts provide Jason and his team with immediate notifications of when a failure has occurred and the information they need to quickly resolve the issue before it escalates. As a result, reporting is more accurate and increased the comfort and confidence of Tableau users at Climate.

In this webinar, learn how the Climate Corporation is

  • Delivering accurate and trusted reports
  • Automating alerts to improve incident response time
  • Using Tableau as a system of record for the management team

About the speakers


Jason Frankenfield

Data Analytics Systems Architect, The Climate Corporation

Jason Frankenfield is the Data Analytics Systems Architect for The Climate Corporation. Jason is responsible for the uptime, performance, and security of Climate's reporting and visualization systems, including Tableau Server, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Sesame Server. He has managed Tableau Server for over three years, managing hyper growth as Climate grew from 30 to over 700 employees. Jason has over 15 years of experience in IT operations across a wide spectrum of Silicon Valley companies.


John Abdo

Founder and organizer of the San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group (SFBATUG)

John is the founder and organizer of the San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group (SFBATUG), established in 2010. Over the past four years, John has sought to develop an authentic forum for a dynamic community, centered around the revolution in self-service business intelligence that is transforming business and society. The group now comprises nearly 900 of some of the most creative and innovative Tableau users in the world. John characterizes his experience as a Tableau User Group leader as one of the most rewarding of his professional life. Having dedicated his career to better understanding the culture and methods of self-service business intelligence in the Enterprise, John is most proud his work at Apple and now at his own software company. As Apple's Platform Architect on the Data Warehouse side, John deployed and maintained the company's first Tableau Server. After a very successful second upgrade deployment, John was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to move to the Business side where he ultimately became the Manager of Analytics Architecture. This provided him a unique perspective that combines both Business and IT expectations. In July of 2014, John left Apple to start Palette Software, where he is building a tool dedicated to further extending the capabilities of Tableau Server, making it an even more powerful platform for self-service business intelligence in the Enterprise.


Paul Lilford

Senior Director, Technology and Market Intelligence, Tableau

Paul Lilford is Tableau’s Senior Director of Technology and Market Intelligence. A self-described data enthusiast and geek, Paul has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise performance management (EPM), business intelligence (BI), data warehousing, OLAP, and analytics. He is also an in-demand speaker on analytics and data democratization. Prior to Tableau, Paul was Director of EPM and BI at United Healthcare, where his team rolled out analytics technology to thousands of business users across the enterprise. Paul also spent 10 years at Hyperion Solutions, working with technology including HP, Teradata, Unisys, SPSS, IBM, and others. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston. Find Paul on Twitter @Paul_Lilford.

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