Live Webinar

Massively Scalable Insights with Tableau and Amazon Redshift

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Join this webinar, hosted by Tableau partner Thorogood, to hear the benefits of joining Tableau with Amazon Redshift

Amazon Web Services is a robust platform for cloud computing. Amazon Redshift, Amazon's massively parallel processing data warehouse service, offers a highly flexible and scalable approach to data modelling and storage. Tableau has the ability to natively connect to Amazon Redshift, allowing users to generate powerful insights from their Amazon Redshift data using best in class visualization and a variety of options for cloud integration.

Topics include:

  • Introduce the Amazon Redshift platform and the Tableau product suite
  • Explain how Amazon Redshift and Tableau can be combined to create a highly flexible and scalable platform for reporting and analytics
  • Demonstrate the ease and speed with which an Amazon Redshift environment can be created
  • Demonstrate Tableau’s ability to connect to Amazon Redshift and create robust visualizations
  • Demonstrate how Tableau Server or Tableau Online can be leveraged to share insights from your Amazon Redshift data across your organization
  • Explore some enterprise considerations for getting started with Tableau and Amazon Redshift