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Making Your Business Intelligence Project a Success

How can you ensure the successful implementation of a thriving business intelligence solution at your organization; one that helps answer important business questions and leads you and the rest of your organization to new and interesting answers?

There are several key factors to consider including how to:

  • Educate users to understand both the BI process and an iterative approach
  • Enable self-service capabilities
  • Efficiently manage security and data permissions
  • Empower users to improve business processes through the use of BI
  • Start with the data you’re are already capturing

The key for any organization when tackling a BI project is to break it into manageable parts and prioritize, which requires a keen understanding of the stakeholders involved, their needs and constraints. It also requires a realistic awareness of issues like budget, time and expectations.

Watch this Espresso Shot webcast to hear Dr. Robin Bloor, world-renowned IT analyst, outline some best practices for helping to ensure the success of your BI project.

About the speaker


Dr. Robin Bloor

Founder, Bloor Research

Robin Bloor is a leading authority and influencer in the industry. In his role as an industry analyst, Robin has become an influential commentator on many corporate IT issues and is in great demand as a presenter at conferences, user groups and seminars addressing audiences across the world on a variety of technology topics from eCommerce through to IT Strategy and trends.

For a decade and a half he has been the driving force behind the research effort at Bloor Research, and has authored many of its industry reports and product comparisons. He has expertise across the whole field of IT with particular expertise in database, development tools, system management, IT security and hardware technology.

He has been influential in shaping the direction and thinking of a generation of IT strategists and continues to provide insight on the direction of IT as it moves forward.

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