On-Demand Webinar

Managing the Mayhem of Mobile Business Intelligence

Apple defined a new category of computing with the release of the Apple iPad. It also reinvigorated the BI market with visually attractive dashboards on every tablet. Mobile BI promises to make BI more immediate and accessible for executives and field workers alike. Failure to manage these devices and understand vendors’ different approaches in delivery of mobile BI can lead to mayhem, though. This Webinar highlights the value of making mobile part of BI delivery and discusses the pros and cons of various approaches vendors take.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Trends in tablet and smartphones that affect BI
  • Use cases of mobile BI
  • Approaches and pros and cons to mobile BI: Web app versus device specific

About the speaker


Cindi Howson

Founder BIScorecard

Cindi Howson has been using, implementing, and evaluating business intelligence tools for 20 years. She advises clients on BI strategy and tool selections. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been quoted in Computerworld, The Wall Street Journal, The Irish Times, and Business Week. Having started her career in BI at a Fortune 500 company, she has a strong customer focus with a practical approach to business intelligence. She has an MBA from Rice University and was awarded Jones Scholar.