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Making Data Analysts Self-Sufficient: A Case Study

See how Amaysim, a phone service provider in Australia, is making their data analysts self-sufficient to access the data they need and perform advanced analytics. You’ll learn how to:

  • Parse large volumes of XML-based call detail records to perform revenue and wholesale cost assurance
  • Analyze product consumption, including the impact of handset types on data usage
  • Identify events that drive away customers and see how Amaysim uses this insight to improve customer retention

Hear from Julian Dell, IT director at Amaysim and Adrian Loong, BI manager at Amaysim on how they are using Alteryx and Tableau on Amazon Redshift to enable data analysts to spin up new self-service analytics instances to enable fast investigation for critical business decisions.

About the speakers


Julian Dell

IT Director, Amaysim

Adrian Loong

BI Manager, Amaysim

Brandon Chavis

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Dustin Smith

Product Manager, Tableau

Dustin is a product manager at Tableau Software and focuses on the evolving data technology landscape. He initially joined Tableau’s pre-sales team in 2010 where he was involved in hundreds of BI and analytics deployments. Dustin has retained his passion for helping people with data and analytics and while at Tableau has played strategic roles in building the support community, launching new technology partnerships, and more recently working with customers who are making the leap to cloud technologies. When he isn’t busy drinking too much coffee, you can often find him knee-deep in Tableau Beta releases or Tweeting out useful Tableau resources.

Brian Dirking

Brian Dirking

Senior Director, Partner Marketing, Databricks

Senior Director, Partner Marketing, Databricks

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