Live Webinar

Summer Camp Series with Tableau Prep - Part One

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What is Tableau Prep? Why would I use it? Do I have time to learn ANOTHER tool?

Do these questions sound familiar? Join Tableau experts for an informational session on the value of Tableau prep.

In working with thousands of organizations around their analytics strategies, we’ve seen that analyst are spending 80% of their time cleansing data and 20% of their time performing analysis.

During this session we will break Tableau Prep into bite size pieces so that EVERY Desktop user can realize how easy and valuable Tableau Prep could be for their analytics workflows.


  • Backstory – why data preparation?
  • Tableau Prep – what is it?
  • Prep Demo – how do I use the product?
  • Resources – what’s next?
  • Q&A

About the speakers

Dan Grady

Product Consultant

Filipe Trein

Tableau Account Manager, NorthEast

Anderson Sloan

Tableau Account Manager, NorthEast