Become a Data Scientist: Leveraging AI within Tableau

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Finally, native AI can be embedded in Tableau so you can predict the future! As organizations push to get more value from their data, Tableau developers and analysts now can easily build and deploy predictive models and visualize data corrections. Using all clicks not code, Tableau Creators can now be business data scientists.

You are invited to an EY exclusive event to see Tableau predictions in action and hear the three different ways to leverage AI insights and guidance within Tableau.


About the speakers

Bobby Brill

Bobby Brill

Product Management Director, Tableau CRM

Bobby is a data loving, Salesforce Trailblazer and Tableau enthusiast. He designs, develops, and delivers innovative solutions that enable customer success. As a Product Manager with the Tableau CRM team, he focuses primarily on AI-Augmented Analytics (Einstein Discovery.)

Sonja Gonzalez headshot

Sonja Gonzalez

Principal Solutions Engineer, Tableau

Sonja joined Tableau in 2013 as a trainer for Tableau Server. Prior to Tableau, Sonja worked with EY and brings with her 16+ years of IT Services Support and training experience. She loves working with customers directly to assist them with learning Tableau and Tableau CRM to make their work life a little easier.