Live Webinar

Leading through Change with Barclays

Discover how Barclays are using data and Tableau to accelerate their digital transformation and unlock new business insights—creating a better customer experience during this pandemic.

As the economic crisis continues, people and businesses need their financial institutions more than ever to support them with everything from mortgage payments to cash flow options. To support their customers, organisations had to pivot quickly to stabilise. And with the ongoing need for business continuity, trusted financial institutions are now accelerating their digital transformation efforts through data transformation.

Join this live webinar to learn how Barclays made data and Tableau their key asset during recent months to support their customers using data-driven insights. Barclays' VP of Advanced Analytics will share how they accelerated their digital transformation and how the focus on data helped them gain crucial insights to inform their approach through crisis recovery and beyond.

About the speakers

Punit Naker

VP Advanced Analytics & Visualization | Data Analytics & Insight, Barclays