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Journey to a Single Source of Truth with Visual Analytics at the FAA

"How do I do more with less?" is the question every government agency is asking. As one of the leading administrations under the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needs to augment and extend its BI strategy to enable its agency personnel to visually analyze varying types of data. In doing so, this will help them achieve their mission of providing the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

By leveraging data visualization, the FAA was able to gain quicker insights from air traffic operations, workforce planning, financial, IT and a number of other types of data. This extended capability has also helped to bring a more self-service approach when it comes to analyzing and sharing information across the organization.

Join Tableau Software and Fedresults for a webinar featuring Rhian Thompson, COO, and Nayeem Ahmed, Director of Technical Solutions at Tantus and Consultants to the FAA, who led this transformative initiative to create a more data-driven culture.

This presentation will show you how to unlock insight from data to:

  • Make better data-driven decisions across your agency
  • Drive increased operational efficiency and performance
  • Deliver on the objectives of an open government with greater transparency and accountability

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