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Johnson & Johnson Presentations

(1) OneView & Project DRIVE
Lead by Franklin Tapia
From forecast through the delivery of each Purchase Order, the Retail Customer Logistics Organization has found a way to incorporating big data analytics and data visualization to serve the number 1 largest company in the world, Walmart. Tableau has enabled the Walmart team to be more agile and flexible than ever before saving them over 80% of the time to root cause issues with on shelf availability and issues the delivery of their 42 Walmart Warehouses. Big Data analytics and Tableau has revolutionized everyday life on the Walmart account.

(2) Bio Advance - Canada Pharm
Lead by Sandra Wrigley
The Bio Advance team would like to provide web-based reports to their BRMs (Business Relationship Managers). –KPI’s such as Patient Load, Time to First Infusion, Intake Conversion Rate, New Patients, Retention provide the Bioadvance Managers with insight and action areas to follow up with Bioadvance Coordinators. Bioadvance Coordinators work directly with patients and physicians. They can in turn follow up with physicians, patients, insurance providers and other players to improve KPI’s to better patient care and improve business performance.

(3) R&D Analytics
Lead by Jacinta Isaac and Gina Sheleheda
It is one thing to create an awesome viz… but will it be used by your business? The R&D Analytics team from Janssen R&D‘s Project Management Office will share how they have utilized design thinking and “post-it vizzes” to develop a design process that transforms business questions into innovative Tableau solutions.

(4) Tableau Share - Corporate
Lead by Corey Jones
Corey will be sharing his story of how he learned Tableau and how he continues to increase his knowledge of the software. He will be discussing what resources are available for new Tableau users, as well as ways for more experienced users to continue to learning new tips, tricks and features. Corey will discuss the some of the ways he has connected with the global Tableau community, and share his insights on ways to get involved.

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