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J&J Tableau Summit Morning Sessions

By Barry Sowerwine
Barry shares a great message on the history of analytics, the trends of where analytics is going, how organizations are tackling moving from traditional BI platforms to the modern analytic & insight driven platform as well as the skill set of today’s analytic worker.

By Francois Ajenstat
Responsible for Tableau's overall product strategy and oversee the product portfolio including product packaging, pricing and product positioning. Also responsible for evangelizing Tableau's products with customers and partners and incorporating customer and partner feedback into the strategic vision of the Tableau portfolio.

By Ryan Schoenfeld
ATLAS provides dynamic and interactive mapping of disease mechanisms & pathways for strategic insights. The platform enables visibility into the R&D portfolio across all DAS in one location. Prioritized pathways are clearly reflected in the customized maps that are the foundation of the User Interface, built on Tableau. Internal and external (competitive intelligence) portfolio visualization is available for the first time in the strategic and intuitive context of mechanistic biology.

By Abhijit Sanyal
The Portfolio Optimization Model (POM) provides a snapshot of the current Consumer product portfolio and its performance. In addition, it offers visibility to growth opportunities across Revenue Growth Management (RGM) levers by profiling the business at SKU level through the lens of Sales (NTS) and Gross Profit (GP) utilizing a quadrant chart. With millions of dollars of potential growth opportunities at stake, this tool is a key to enabling a more data based and strategic approach.

From Application to Ecosystem at Comcast: Supporting Explosive User Growth
By Josh Tapley
Tableau is all about keeping users in the flow, but what happens when you have explosive growth on the enterprise scale? Learn how Comcast created an entire ecosystem to support the community of users after implementing a 40 core high-availability server that houses over 100 sites.

By Carl Flatley
Big data is revolutionizing the way we look at inventory. This presentation will show how proven techniques used to characterize our medical device manufacturing processes, by determining process capability based on data, are being applied to determine the reliability and capability of our supply chains. You will see how supply chain planning teams around the world can now visualize the empirical impact of supply and demand on a supply chain like never before and take proactive action to improve service and optimize inventory performance.

About the speakers

Francois Ajenstat

Chief Product Officer, Tableau

Josh Tapley

Director Data Visualization at Comcast
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