Live Webinar

JB Hunt Tableau Master Class

We're sorry, this event has ended.

Wednesday, May 23rd at 2:00CT. Register here.

Who might be interested:
People who are new to Tableau or looking to make their current Tableau visualizations more effective. This session will appeal to people at various Tableau skill levels. From creating basic visuals to building highly interactive dashboards.

What you will learn:
This session walks through connecting data, building common Tableau visualizations, tying together those visuals on Dashboards. Then adding interactivity and mixed media to the dashboards. This session also focuses on creating compelling dashboards the guide users the analytic process.

Why you/ Why now? :

  • Learn to tell beautiful creative stories with your data.
  • This will be a great opportunity to collaborate with your smart and creative co-workers!
  • A forum to ask that “Tableau how to question” that just might be keeping you up at night.
  • A space to schedule time with a Tableau Doctor! That is right, for all that attend, we are offering a free 1 hour side X side session with one of our smartest data nerds! We will determine dates based on a live poll. These session typically run $250 hour!

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